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The source went on, "One consideration to result from this process was cancellation of a long-running program.

However, specific programs have not been discussed in regard to cancellation." Meanwhile, PD of the reality show refused to address cancellation rumors surrounding "We Got Married." He, however, said that they are currently filming and that he will have to verify the reports first before making an official statement.

Long before idols ruled the variety show WE GOT MARRIED, it was the pairing of the original couples Andy and Solbi, Crown J and Inyoung, Alex and Shin Ae and later on Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo that brought this little known program to the attention of fans all over the world.The MBC program matched four couples for their pilot episode which was released in February 2008."We Got Married" Season 1 formally kicked off on March 16 with couples Alex and Shin Ae, Crown J and Seo In Young, Andy and Solbi, and Jung Hyung Don and Saori. it's staple in Kpop lore, people reference it when talking about how idols in general get coached in every aspect of their behavior and interaction with fans. Point is, even if she never admitted it on camera, it's obviously true. Just look at what's happening to Lee Joon Gi, and that wasn't even pretend dating.. Yea alright I can sort of see how people are happy this is ending.. Edit: So it was false wow I'm actually not surprised and I'm not sure if this will come out really insensitive but many fans have speculated that this show is pretty important for "non-straight" idols to go on to try and dispel gay rumors so I guess it would be necessary for the show to continue.It could be my pettiness but I hated that whole bit of him making Naeun cry for some BS reason and yeah I know it was most likely scripted but it was so off putting to me and anyways I just don't think Taemin would make a good romantic partner imo but I still love him in SHINee and as a performer he's cute and likable but just not in romantic settings.

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